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Gold Rises on Short-Covering; Copper and Risk Leap at Upbeat China PMI Risk appetite returns, commodities bounce after upbeat China PMIs. Gold traders are squeezed out of shorts. Oil stays pressured before OPEC
Australian Dollar Shrugs Off Status-Quo RBA Policy Announcement The Australian Dollar offered a tepid response to a status-quo monetary policy from the RBA. German jobs data and the UK Manufacturing PMI report are due ahead.
Can a Trader Take Advantage of the IMF’s Chinese Yuan Decision? Today’s Headline is that IMF approved Yuan’s inclusion in SDR. This is a milestone event. But how can a trader benefit from it?
China Takes Important Steps Ahead of Key IMF Decision While waiting IMF for a decision on Yuan’s inclusion in SDR basket, China made a few more gestures to show the world that it is willing to and working on the opening up of its financial markets.
Volatility Risks Surge in these Currencies - What We’re Watching A sharp jump in financial risks ahead warns that traders should trade defensively through the foreseeable future. Here are key risks and currencies we’re watching.